Think: (Re) Defining What Curate Means

Shop Different

About Us

"We are the DJs of shopping. We create, curate, and remix. You discover, share, and shop different."

Shopavize is redefining the meaning of personalization and curation while nurturing creative expression and discovery of really dope brands. 

As we work to disrupt the shopping space, we are focused on designing an experience that will deliver a unique and refreshing new perspective for our users and drive growth for our brand partners.

Our commitment is to design, experience, individuality, collaboration and innovation. We want to be known for celebrating these pillars in a globally connected world.



Get introduced to new items, brands, and music based on your lifestyle.



Create + share your unique personality through palettes, moods and collections.



Create + share your unique personality through palettes, moods and collections.


Shop Different

Xperience shopping through themed content like selecting your favorite movie or tv show.

"Not ads, just advice"


We love sharing stories. Our team is committed to our people, our partners and our community

Hana L. Coleman

Co-Founder + Chief Executive

Charles L. Coleman II

Co-Founder + Chief Strategy

David M. Schwartz

Co-Founder + Chief Designer

Paul Sucharski

Co-Founder + Chief Creative


Experience dedicated to shaping the vision and build

Bharath Venkat

Strategic Advisor, Legal

Dion Ridley

Strategic Advisor, Product Development + Strategy

Brian Kelley

Strategic Advisor, Technology Innovation + Architecture

Mahesh Venugopala

Strategic Advisor, Information Security + Product Management

Ron Dawson

Strategic Advisor, Content + Converged Media

Tom Treanor

Strategic Advisor, Marketing

Amilcar "PRO" Welton

Advisor, Music Supervision, Licensing + Artist Relations

Krista Rime

Advisor, Digital Analytics + Market Intelligence

Austin Childs

Advisor, Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

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