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Welcome to Shopavize: Get started in 3 easy steps

here's a soundtrack to everything we do in life. It changes the way we move and enhances the experience. Why should shopping be any different? Think of us as the "Dj's of shopping". We create, curate and remix. You discover, share and shop different.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Select a mood that fits your lifestyle. Try these: "Chill City" or "Lilly Sunday"
  2. Press play on the playlist like the one above and enjoy the vibe while you shop different
  3. Tap an identity what works for you or just scroll down to the curated products and dive in.

Tips & Tricks:

*Become a Member of our VIZEr community to save all your favorites to your profile.

*If you click the products, they will open in new tabs, so you can keep listening to the music while you shop.

*Clicking on "Masculine" or "Feminine" will open the Xperience (Mood, Palette or Collection) board in Pinterest for an Xpanded universe. Maybe you'll find other items you like as well.

*Share any Xperience using the social share buttons or just grab the link. Shopavize sharing works great on web and mobile.

*Use Lifestyle Tags to find ideas that fit what you may be looking for in the moment.

*You don't need a Spotify account to listen if you're just sampling the playlist, but if you want to play the whole song just log in to Spotify or set up an account.

Thank you

Follow us on Spotify and all other social media. We are dropping new Xperiences weekly!

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