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The Xperience+ Shopping Community

Find new ideas that add to your style, and more of what you love. You create the shopping experience that you want with the help of a personal curator.

Shop by Mood

Capture the moment and immerse yourself in it. Create a style guide focused on a theme for any occasion.

Explore with Palettes

See the world in new ways. Add the color of life with a style guide to filter your experience.

Get Specific with Collections

Know exactly what you want? Curate a style guide of hand selected items and AVi will build a collection around them.


Login with Spotify to enhance your experience with playlists and connect with Philips Hue to add to your vibe.

Create + Share Content

Inspire with style and share your ideas with others.

Smart Shopping with AVi

She learns about you and enhances your experience. The more you interact, the better it gets.

Design Your Lifestyle

The next generation of social shopping with infinite possibilities to experience it your way.


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Add creative expression to your experience with unique Shopavize features and create shopable content you can share in our community.


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Build influence based on how you identify and connect with people to celebrate the diversity of your personal style.


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A shopping journey that starts with where you are in the moment.

Discover, Share, and
Shop Different

Shop like selecting your favorite movie or TV show where all of the content in the app is based on lifestyle.

Personalized discovery

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

Browse by interests

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

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